Greece and Crete. Small (4m) stocky, dense, upright tree. Very tough in the wind. Small fruit in big bunches. Top quality, especially tasty oil. High oil yield per kilo of fruit. Fruits from first year.  Very easy to grow, and disease resistant.


Brought to Northland by early settlers in about 1850. Big vigorous tree (7– 9m)  with elegant weeping form. Massive crops of medium fruit from third year, with exceptional oil yield and great flavour. Most important oil olive in the North.


Tuscany. Vigorous big (5-7m) open tree with big fruit from third year. Top Tuscan oil variety. Also a good pickling fruit.  Early ripening. Some susceptibility to olive tip die-back.


Spain's top oil producer. Crops from second year. Upright smallish tree(5m) with medium fruit in bunches. Best on well-drained or bony clay or sandy soils, but not as disease resistant in rich soils. Good oil as well as pickling.


Usually grown with Leccino in Tuscany. Medium-sized oil-rich fruit, strong spicy flavour, mid-season. Vigorous, reliable tree similar to J5.


Pollinator for leccino. High quality oil. Weeping, slender tree prone to wind damage and tip-die-back and peacock spot.


The best of the pickling types for NZ. Medium-sized round fleshy fruit with very small stone. Early season. Oil content and quality OK but not as outstanding as the above types. Spindly, slender tree. Slow to become sturdy but very heavy-bearing once established. Prone to tip die-back.


Sardinia. Huge vigorous tree, dense rounded form. Heavy crops of small round fruit, high oil content, good quality.  Pollinator for many varieties. Extremely hardy in salt winds.

All olives should be kept to not more than 3m tall and vase-shaped for ease of harvesting, by pruning straight after harvest.

All trees sold from our nursery are $8 + GST and we aim to get them to around a metre high before delivery.. but don't always quite succeed!

They are staked and pruned during their youth in the nursery to achieve a reasonably uniform shape and size.

It is a good idea to book ahead for substantial orders so we can plan and propagate to your requirements

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